VIP Colour & Style

VIP Colour & Style

Are you a busy professional who is time poor and prefers to receive information in a 1-on-1 personalised format?

Then the bespoke VIP Colour & Style is tailor-made for you!

The day is perfect for people who have little time on their hands, who need fast results, who absorb new information easily and prefer the intensity of solo coaching.

The class condenses the Colour Class, Image Class and Make-up Class into a full day of training, which gives you the knowledge to present the best version of you to the world.

The investment for this course is $1,200 and it includes all workbooks and a nutritious lunch to book go to

Section 1: Colour Class 

Having your colours and image done is not about whether you can wear pink or purple or yellow, it is about discovering which shading of each colour suits you and how to best maximize your own assets.

Many people ask what exactly we do in a colour class.

We basically work out which colours co-ordinate with your individual skin tone by comparing the effect a series of precision dyed drapes has on your skin-tone.

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If you are wearing the wrong colours you can look tired, drab, and boring, whereas the correct colour shading for you will make you look alive, healthy and interesting.

Once we have discovered the colour palette that suits you, we then put you in a basic makeup that works for your skin-tone.

Then we discuss and rate each of your colours, advising you whether the colour should be worn top-to-toe or as a blouse or even just as an accessory.

Section 2: Make-up & Skincare Class

In this section aim is to help you look your best in the minimum time, help you to get out of the door, looking and feeling polished and professional so you can tackle your day feeling confident in your skin and makeup application. We discuss your current skin concerns and skincare regime and look what improvements can be made to give you your desired results in the most time efficient manner.

In this hands on section we look at 3 different makeup looks, from weekend casual, to weekday work, to evening wow, discovering the best colours and application styles for you and ensuring you have the knowledge to do this at home yourself.

Section 3: Image & Personal Style

In this section we look at:

  • how to effectively shop knowing what works for you
  • how to align your personality, your appearance, your lifestyle
  • how to understand and dress for your body shape
  • how put together a capsule wardrobe
  • how to confidently dress and shop for YOU

We teach you how to shop, so that you can put together a capsule wardrobe and get more wear out of the items in that wardrobe.

We look at your body shape, but most importantly we also discover who you are, and dress your personality as well as your physical shape, so you no longer feel like you are playing dress up. We will look at authority dressing, age appropriate dressing, and lifestyle dressing.

We discuss how to apply all this not only for your current lifestyle but also for Future You, all the knowledge we give can not only be implemented immediately, but you will have the tools to apply it to any future lifestyle change.

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If you want to know a little more about the benefits of having a VIP Style consultation with me, then just give me a call and let’s have a chat. My number is 0424 656 097 and I would love to hear from you.

Make a new start, you know you deserve this……I know that learning colour and image changed my life and it will yours!


Some Before and After Shots

before and after colour class shots

before and after colour class shots

before and after colour class shots

before and after colour class shots