Tips for Shopping in the Sales

Everybody knows that  you can get some incredible deals during the Sales so they can be a great time to build out and enhance your wardrobe, but it’s also very easy to get sucked into buying a “bargain” that never gets worn, and that’s the last thing I want you to do, so here are my tips to get the most out of your shopping trip:

1. Make a plan, and write a shopping list for your wardrobe gaps. Do you need a new work suit, or are you short on swimwear or party dresses? Consciously think of what will make your existing wardrobe items work better and shop for those gaps.

2. Shop alone, trust your judgement, if you have done Colour and Style with me use the tools for the Investment piece and use your Colour swatch and Style guide. If you haven’t been to see me yet, then focus on the colours and styles you already get compliments in and think about how much use you will get from the item.

3. Make sure you wear clothes that are easy to remove to try clothes on, there is nothing worse than struggling out of jeans or a jumpsuit, and make sure the clothes and shoes you wear are comfortable

4. If you are shopping for business wear or dresses make sure you have your heels with you, so you can see how the outfit looks with the footwear you intend to use with it.

5. If you are shopping for party dresses take your convertible/strapless bra with you so you know exactly how the dress works with it, if you still need a strapless bra, then talk to me I am now an Intimo Lingerie consultant and offer private at home fittings so lets’ get you into some underwear that you will love. Intimo runs from size 8A to 24G and is of fabulous quality and is known for its comfort and durability.

6. Take regular drink breaks, make sure you have a bottle of water with you, stop for lunch, and make it a pleasant experience.

7. Be open to things not on your list, but don’t get distracted by them if you have a tight budget. Sometimes you will see something amazing that you were not intending to buy, do check it out, but again think back to what else you can wear it with, or will it just be a shiny, expensive unicorn in your wardrobe. Clothes are only a bargain if you wear them

8. If it feels wrong in the changing room, avoid it! Never buy something too small with the intention that you will lose weight, you may not. Never buy something that itches thinking it will be fine after it’s washed, it probably won’t. Never buy something you will need

9. Finally, ALWAYS think would I buy it if I had to pay full price for it? If the answer is no then it might not be a good purchase.

I hope these tips come in useful, always think about how often you will wear that bargain, and whether it will compliment your existing wardrobe.