From reluctant client to raving fan...

Meet Michelle doesn’t she look fabulous?

Michelle came to see me about 7 years ago, she was stuck in grey, black and navy and although she didn’t really think the class was going to make a significant difference, she decided to come and check a colour class out. When we discovered she was a Spring with all the bright vibrant warm colours suiting her, it was a bit of a shock since it was totally different to what she had been previously doing. These were her top wow colours from the Spring Palette.

At first she was quite resistant to her colours, even though she could see the difference the correct tones made on her skin, but she has gone on to be my biggest supporter and raving fan and has brought more than 20 other people to the studio to experience the difference that colour and style will make.

Here is a video she made in 2019 talking about her experience

Meet some of my amazing clients...

Meet Rebecca, a busy Banking professional!

Rebecca said:

“I wanted to take the time to thank you for your VIP Masterclass session. It's been a long time since I've taken the time to invest in myself. Your advice has given me confidence to wear colours and patterns well outside of my comfort zone of plain and simple and I am loving it!!! I've even started to enjoy shopping!!!

The simple hints and tips around warming up my hair colour, adding texture and jewelry and even a bit of lippy has given me so many unexpected compliments. Your help to work out styles that suit me but still work with my personal style and comfort level made me feel that you listened to me as a person without overlaying any personal bias. It was great to get to know you and I would highly recommend a session with you."

Meet Leisa, the franchise owner for BNI Brisbane South West & Toowoomba!

Leisa said after her session:

“For years I have been conscious of my appearance to dress ‘nicely’. I loved bright colours and variety. Now that I am in corporate clothes a lot more, I wanted to make sure I had it right. Over a coffee, Ann mentioned that my skirt should be above my knees as it would look a lot better. I went home, tested it and who’d have guessed it? Yes of course Ann was right.

I have now had my colours done by Ann, just before isolation and proudly I am a winter (most of my wardrobe can stay) and also completed Ann’s online styling class which was amazing! The best part was I had clothes on hand to show her to give me feedback.

Ann’s knowledge, hints and tips are priceless. This is information for life! Not just for my work life but casual and visiting friends for a BBQ. I can’t wait to go through my wardrobe to see what stays and what goes. With or without isolation, I know that I have the tools to dress and style more confidently.”

Meet Ashleigh, a young mum working from home!

Ashleigh had never felt she had got it quite right and as a young mum working from home she had started to feel dowdy, she wanted to have the ease of a capsule wardrobe that suited her and her lifestyle, but that still made her feel put together.

She turned out to be an Autum... look how fabulous those deep bluer autumn colours look on her …. very different to her self-diagnosis of a Summer/Winter and we nailed her style and clothing personality so now she knows what she is looking for when she shops and is excited to move forward.

Ashleigh said after her session:

“After umming and ahhing for years, I finally had a colour and style session and I'm SO glad I did. What an investment!! Ann was fantastic, professional and incredibly knowledgeable, your attention to detail, genuine care and knowledge really made the day enjoyable. I learnt so much and it's given me back the spark of self-care that was missing. I'm so looking forward to start going through my wardrobe with a fresh set of eyes! Would absolutely recommend your services to anyone - any age, any gender - and encourage those who are trying to "self analyse" to just get it done in person by someone who is trained. It is an absolute investment. Plus, it's fun!!"

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