Skincare Personalised by You for You

Hi Lovely!

I hope you enjoyed your Easter vacation and school holidays, we went camping at Brunswick and I loved spending the rest of the break with my son. We had time to rest, play, visit friends and explore and am very grateful that my Nu Skin business has brought me to a point where I am able to spend this quality time with him, and not have to play that time vs money compromise juggle that so many working parents have to do.

Now in my header I mentioned personalised skincare, and with over 2000 different combinations available I mean personalised. Everyone’s skin is different; you will have slightly or maybe dramatically different skin concerns than I do. These will be dependent on your ethnic background, where you live, your lifestyle and of course your age. You might have deep lines, you might have bad pigmentation, you might be ultra-sensitive, yet at the moment all skin care has to take a one-size fits all approach. Not any longer!! The future of skincare, AgeLOC ME, is launching in Australia this month!!

It’s simple to use, incredibly effective, a very sexy gadget that removes bathroom clutter and the results are amazing …… my skin is improving daily.

AgeLOC ME is a completely revolutionary approach; it is customisable skincare to fit your skin. Just like you choose which movie to watch on Netflix or which strength of coffee you want from your Nespresso, you can now select what you need for your skin. It comes initially with a calibration set of ageLOC skincare, then you take this survey about your skin and your preferences:

This gives you your unique code for your next set of plug-in capsules, which is custom generated based on your survey responses so it’s perfect for you. These capsules are all ageLOC’d with our gene expression science to reset your skin younger, they are sealed from the air so need far fewer preservatives than conventional skincare. Since the serums only combine on delivery this allows combinations of ingredients that have never been available before since they couldn’t “live” together …. giving you freshly mixed skincare everyday…. Exciting!!!

I know I used to watch my skincare regime grow each year and I sometimes skipped bits cos it just took too long or I plain forgot to use it! My husband hated the clutter that was my side of the sink…. Not any longer! Now I have one device on my bathroom cabinet that dispenses all my skincare, I still spa my face twice a week with my wrinkle iron, but all my serums and moisturisers lotions and potions are now conveniently delivered into my hand, I don’t even need to open a bottle! It squirts it straight onto my hand! My AgeLOC ME even flashes at me every morning and night to remind me to use it! Soooo clever!!!

I got my AgeLOC ME in January, my skin almost immediately felt smoother and softer and now I am using the customised cartridges I am getting so many compliments….and thanks to Nu Skin my skin was good before…just imagine the changes it will make to a new ageLOC user!!

The best news is that I can get hold of just 1 ageLOC ME next week and just 5 more on the 28th of April the even better news is that at my preferred customer price it is only $550 for an AgeLOC ME, that is $200 cheaper than I paid for mine earlier this year!! This price includes the initial first month’s cartridge set of skincare AND an ageLOC cleanse and tone, this is an incredibly low price.  Cartridges will be around $200 to replace which is JUST $50 more than our most popular ageLOC elements range and for this you not only get your day cream and night cream personalised to your requirements (fragrance, sunscreen, richness),  you also get 3 serums!!

Our ageLOC serums are $200 alone! Put your order on our auto rewards program and you’ll get between 20-30% back in free products every month!.

If you are someone who wants the best skincare for their skin or is time poor (it saves you a ton of time not opening bottles) or who hates clutter, then this is the skincare solution for you. Email me TODAY to book yours for the 28th of April, this offer will be while stocks last (we expect it will stock out almost immediately) and it will NOT be available again until the end of the year.

If you, like me, realise there is going to be a massive business behind this, then let’s chat, between this and Y-Span our nutritional supplement that targets inflammation and is changing the way people age internally and shaking up the nutritional industry this year is shaping up to be very exciting business-wise and if you are looking for some extra income I’d love to share that with you.

Wishing you a fantastic week