Personalised Bra Fitting

Love them or loathe them, bras are pretty much a necessity in our part of the world. So knowing how to wear them comfortably and get the best out of them is important to know.

Did you know that your bra is not meant to be uncomfortable? If you bra is hurting you, it’s generally a sign that you are wearing the wrong size or type of bra for your build. And, just like clothing sizes, bra sizes fluctuate between shops. Then, there’s also the issue of going to try to buy. Perhaps you never feel entirely comfortable with the fitting assistance on offer in the retail stores. No wonder it is so difficult to find a bra that fits and feels comfortable.

So, if you have been struggling to find a comfortable well-fitting bra as I had been, I have now added specialised, quality bra fitting to my suite of personalised services.

There are two options to view the range and have a fitting.

  • You may attend my studio in Kenmore, Brisbane by appointment.
  • Alternatively – and this is often fun – I can attend your private gathering of ladies and do a private fitting for your group. You all catch up over a cup of tea or a couple of wines, while I do all the work! There are hostess rewards (based on order quantities), so you might even get a discount on your purchases or a hostess gift.

I work exclusively with the Intimo underwear brand, which fits sizes 8A to 24G. Their offering has a great foundation lingerie range in black, white and honey and bring out new featured collections each month which are generally pretty and often colourful. Intimo also have a quality range of clothing, in sizes 6 to 24. Although they don’t do a lot of colour in their clothing range, the styles are striking and classic wardrobe staples.

Be sure to check my booking page for bra fitting/coffee morning dates in Kenmore.

If you would like to opt for a private appointment for bra fitting, email or call me. Bra fitting is a lovely complement to my Colour and Image Consultations.

Personalised Bra