New Body Shaping & Weightloss technology

Remember when we were in our 20s losing weight was much easier than it is now in our 40s, 50s and beyond? Well, there is now a way to set our “fat genes” back to a youthful expression and burn fat the same way we used to with ageLOC TR90!

On the 8th October, there will be a worldwide launch of the most amazing body reshaping program ever the new TR90 (transform in 90 days) program, which is going to revolutionise the weight loss industry. Nu Skin has now applied their revolutionary Ageloc science to weight management, identifying and targeting 200 genes that differ in expression from lean people to over-weight people and they can reset these genes Girl2back to a lean expression, giving people incredible results. TR90 will only be available to Nu Skin distributors and is expected to sell $600 million of product in one day I am lucky enough to have access to 10 TR90 kits, already my allocation is filling up, but if you are interested to be among the first to use it, let me know, and feel free to tell any friends that are battling with their weight about this program. As a Brisbane Image consultant, I am really excited about this product and how it will change people’s lives.

The results of this 90 day body reshaping program are truly outstanding and what is even better is that people are still continuing to lose weight and reshape their bodies once they are off the program.

Losing fat is more than just eat less and move more………
We have a comprehensive approach to weight management that targets gene expression to address all functional outcomes.

The Basics:
Identification of over 200 key genes responsible for:

  • Metabolism and storage of fat.
  • Protection of lean muscle mass.
  • Cravings, mood, mindset and appetite for vital support and compliance.

Did you know the reason for the yo-yo effects of diets? The reason for this is that conventionally when we lose weight, 40% of what we lose is muscle. Muscle is what enables us to burn calories, therefore the less muscle you have the fewer calories you burn. So every time you diet the less muscle mass you have to burn calories, once the diet is finished BAM the fat comes back!!! It's so frustrating!!!

Being able to protect the muscle is the key. It sounds like a great idea but does it really make a difference?

Pauline, my colleague has been one of the very lucky ones trialling this product in Australia – and her experience has been very interesting.
The first thing she noticed is that the scales didn’t drop as fast as she would have expected (she has lost 7 kg in total), BUT the body shaping took her by surprise as she said “Losing fat and not muscle means you don’t lose as much on the scales as you might expect. Losing fat and not muscle means your body reshapes in a way that delights you – all the fat deposits are targeted (except for breast tissue ladies).”

Here is Pauline’s photo after only one month on the product 

John is another colleague who was lucky enough to get a chance to be part of the final trials, John is now under 90 kilos for the first time in 30yrs and has kept the weight off for 2 months so far after completing the program

The product is available in October. The reason I am telling you about it now is that you might want to put your name and deposit down as I only have 10 programs to allocate on October 8. The price is $1320 for the 3-month program and includes the TR90 supplements and shakes, the first month of Lifepak and ageloc R2 – two essential supplements that are to be taken with it, and an exercise and eating plan are also included with support and information on-line.

If you want to be one of the first to lose weight with gene expression science and lose weight from those stubborn areas please let me know asap!!! This is a discounted pre-launch and my 10 allocations are going fast, the product is expected to sell out all $600 million dollars of product in less than an hour and will not be available again until March 2014.

Who will benefit from this product?

  • Anyone who has found that the older they get the harder it is to lose weight.
  • Anyone who has dieted off and on over the years found the diets to be less and less effective.
  • Anyone who has carried too much weight for the majority of their lives and is frustrated that no matter how little they eat they just don’t lose weight.
  • Anyone who comes from a family of larger people.

How great will YOU look and feel by XMAS!

Please contact me if you would like further information or to place your order.
Here’s to a healthy and happy body starting now 🙂

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