Men's Colour & Style Consultation

In today’s fast-paced world it only takes 1-7 seconds to make a first impression and a lifetime to lose a first impression (especially if it is a bad one) and with 55% of a first impression being visual isn’t it time you paid attention to the impression you are putting out?

Your professionalism and the ability and credibility of your company, the product or service you represent will be influenced by the way you present yourself, unfortunately, it is true that your dress sense can literally make or break you. Have you ever heard the line, he didn’t look the part?

This applies just as much in your personal life, as your business life, we are being judged every single day and it is vital that we pay attention to the image we project to the world and that is where a class with Ann Whitaker Style comes in, I will teach you exactly what will work for your complexion, body shape and your personality so that you will always make the right first impression.

Wearing the wrong colour shading can make you look tired, drab and boring whereas wearing clothes that suit your colouring will make you look dynamic, healthy and on your game.

Shopping, dressing and packing to travel will all become simpler once you know exactly what works (and what doesn’t work for you).

There are two options to work with ann

Men's Individual Colour Consultation

In this 2 hour 1-on-1 Colour Consultation we will discover your personalised colour palette, how to wear each colour in that palette to maximise your impact and appearance.

Investment $500

Men's VIP Colour, Image & Style Consultation

This 6 hr class provides you all the information to shop and dress with confidence knowing that you will always make the right first impression. We start by getting you in the correct colour shadings, then look at dressing your body shape, whilst also incorporating your clothing personality, to allow you to add authenticity and personality into your look, whatever the occasion.

Investment $1,500

My passion is to help you become a more confident and happier version of yourself, to give you the tools so that you look and feel fabulous, every day. We all know that if you look good on the outside, and feel healthier on the inside then you will project that inner confidence and feel great about yourself whatever you do, and I teach you how to do this simply.

Make a new start

Before & After

30 Minute Discovery Call

Not sure what consultation will suit you? Want to learn more about my services or chat the options over? Why not jump on a Discovery Call with me and we will work out what option is best for you, your learning style and budget.