How a Colour Consultation Changed the Way I Shop

If you are still wondering how a colour consultation works and the difference it makes, then why not read about it from a clients point of view in this article I was featured in. Written by Tina Gaudry (Event Manager of ​Dot Dash Events​).

The Ultimate Style Hack

Are you tired of staring into your closet abyss, wondering if you'll ever crack the code to effortless style? In this podcast episode of Prosper Taruvinga's 'The Online Prosperity Show,' I unveil the secrets to stepping into your most confident, colourful, and stylish self. Prepare to be dazzled by insider tips, tricks, and hacks that will have you strutting down the street like a bona fide fashion icon. From decoding the psychology of colour to curating your dream capsule wardrobe!

Be your Confident Self

We talked about how important our colours are and once you get that right how much more confident you feel within yourself and the confidence to wear colour if you are usually a black and white kind of wardrobe! I talked about some of the transformations my clients have had working with me and shared some tips for you to get started on your own colour and image journey. This is an episode with Julie Davidson of 'Confidently Me Podcast."

Power of Colours - Mastering Personal Confidence

I share my story on the 'Pivot to Thrive' podcast episode with Dr. Priya Jaganathan. This episode discusses lead generation methods, social media, and future plans for my business. I plan to continue my work as an image and style consultant in 2024 with a focus on financial growth and brand outreach.

Doing It With Colour and Style

After dramatic weight loss, life changes. Old clothes no longer fit like they used to. In fact, our clothes don't fit our SELVES anymore. Set up your wardrobe to reflect not only your new body shape but is instrumental in helping to let YOU shine through! This is an episode with 'Australian Weight Loss Surgery Podcast.'

Ann Whitaker - The Confidence Booster

I answered questions about style and fashion from Emma C of I talked about how to dress for the job you want. I also talked about how important first impressions are and how the way you dress can give you more confidence.

Is It Possible for Women to Feel Confident in Their Clothes?

Everybody deserves to feel good!

Do you feel good in what you’re wearing? Are your clothes helping you feel powerful and confident? That’s exactly what we discussed in this Instagram live with Francess Scadden, Confidence Coach.

The Next Steps in My Colour Journey

This is from my client Janet's blog, a.k.a. Middle Aged Mama. Discovering her palette opened her eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. She saw how everything harmonises in her wardrobe when guided by her palette.