Instant Sunless Tan – simple, easy and affordable

Do the words instant easy-to-use sunless bronzed glow appeal? They did to me…I am a great lover of a tan, I guess it’s the pasty English in me who never saw enough sun, but I always feel I look better with a little bit of colour. Until now I have gone the sun-tanning route since I have always been very scared of fake tans, I have heard (and seen) far too many horror stories of tan’s looking orange, streaky, patchy and I really didn’t fancy looking like that …. being a colour consultant, it’s kind of important to not look like an oompaloompa !!

So when I started hearing all the positive reviews about this new instant bronzing tanner being launched,  I knew it was something I was interested to try and boy am I impressed.

So why do I like it? It doesn’t smell, it doesn’t stain, it goes on just like a moisturiser (it’s a gel-based cream) it starts to develop immediately so you can literally pop it on and go out with a tan ten mins later! It is so simple to use even I (as a fake tan virgin) didn’t manage to mess it up (or mess up my clothes or sheets or bathroom) It didn’t need a mitt, I just used my hands and it didn’t streak or drip on me and I didn’t look orange!!!

It has a lovely bronze shimmer and seems to tan you to a very natural colour that works with your own skin tone, it can be layered for extra darkness and it lasts about a week. It's made with avocado oil and vitamin E so is really moisturising too, and it's fine to use it on your face as well as your body. Here are some photos, the 3 legs one is my leg with two coats on.

At pre-launch it stocked out in 7 minutes and everyone has been raving about it since. If you want to give it a try and take advantage of my client discount you can just click on this link and (provided you are in Australia) it will be delivered to your door in a few days. If you are based elsewhere just send me an email and I’ll flick you a link for your country