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“I was first introduced to Ann by a mutual business acquaintance and was impressed by how much she loved her work. She believed that what she did could change people’s lives and I was sceptical.

But as I worked through the sessions with her, I started believing her! I previously worked in a male-dominated industry and didn’t derive much pleasure from dressing for… work, or out-of-work for that matter!

Clothes were necessary and had to be practical, and I never really enjoyed clothes shopping, because I rarely felt comfortable in what I wore.

I took Ann’s course because, as a 48-year-old woman, I want to look as nice as I possibly can with what I have! Since finishing Ann’s course, I have started buying clothes that actually suit me, both colour-wise and style-wise – for work, for social events, for relaxing at home. Now I know what colours suit me, what style of clothes will enhance my figure and I don’t waste time looking at clothes that aren’t in my colour or style.

And I’m thoroughly enjoying all the compliments I’m receiving from men, women and even my teenage nieces!

Thanks Ann – I believe you now – you have changed my life! This is a course I would recommend to women of all ages!”

– Jo Anne Brown , Living Balance

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“Hi Ann,

Just thought I would send you a quick email since you have really helped with making the colours for my dress and wedding so great.

You have also played a big part in my personal life.  Originally my wardrobe consisted of all black, black, black.  I could never see myself in any other colour because I thought Black was what made you professional and made you look skinny.  Boy was I wrong!  Black made me look like a skeleton.

After taking the Bridal Class with the assumption that I would only be concentrating on my wedding I learned so much for my life.  Through the Class I learned that I was not a Winter but a Spring.  At first I fought the idea that black was not my colour and it took solo long to get used to wearing the bright spring colours.  Over the year from the course I completely transformed my closet and even my so called daggy clothes.  Now all my business clothes, workout clothes, nightwear, and my old clothes are all in my style and colour.

Since I started doing this I’ve had so many comments from strangers on my clothes and I even look good even if I’m not wearing makeup.  I spend less time shopping because it’s so easy to just go for clothes that are either my style or colour.  I spend less money overall because I’m not wasting money on clothes that fall apart because I bought them on sale.

I can’t explain enough how the investment in the House of Colour is not just improved my look but a real transformation.  I know now that I would have not of looked so good on my Wedding Day if I did not take that class.  Since I took the class my dress was the right style and colour, bridesmaids dress colour was perfect, and the overall colours were perfect.  I looked like a real princess.

Again thank you so much for educating me to look my best.”

– Kim Panko-Grevell

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Thank you very much for Friday and all the time and effort you put into the day. You really put so much of yourself into it which I think is fantastic.  It’s because of my experiences that I can’t wait for my sister to have a great experience with you too.

I’m still trying to process all the information we went through on Friday and have a lot of things going through my head. I know I’ll pull all the information together eventually and then have a plan as to what I’m going to do to my wardrobe. It is amazing how so many things fall into place  – things you’ve instinctively known but haven’t really known why you know them.”

– Amanda Tyler

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“I would like to Thank Ann Whitaker for the wonderful service she offers.  I had no idea how holistic this service was.

You may think, as I did, that it is only about what colour clothes to wear.  I found out it was about this and so much more.  I saw instantly before my eyes a change in my skin colour, my eyes brighten, I looked thinner and my posture changed.  I certainly felt more confident and less tired.  Now when I venture out with ‘my colours’ on I get so many more comments, like what have you been doing, you look great and have you lost weight?  I get more smiles and I smile more.  This may sound too good to be true, however this is exactly what I have experienced.

Ann really knows her stuff, and she is kind, patient and gives you down to earth realistic options.  I am delighted with the service, the follow up service and all my ‘goodies’.  I now make a positive first impression both professionally and personally!”

– Kirsty O’Callaghan Parenting expert, Unity Qld

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