How to decide if a colour works for you without being professionally analysed

I have been having lots of conversations recently about colour and how difficult it is to work out for yourself which shades actually suit you. Of course, if this is something you are struggling with, my first suggestion would be to come and join one of my group classes or invest in a VIP Styling session, but if that isn’t currently possible what can you do yourself?

Firstly, always try on clothing in good daylight and preferably without makeup on, makeup is a mask on our face and contains colour pigments, likewise, if you have hair colour in, pull back your hair to minimise the colour influence, so you are actually seeing the effect of the colour against your skin. Compare the new item to something that you love and that you always get compliments on (however ensure those compliments are about how fabulous you look wearing it and not just what a fabulous item it is) and hold the two pieces up against your face comparing the reaction of your face to each item. If a colour is great with your skin it should light you up, and make your skin look fresher, clearer and younger. So compare how your face looks with the loved item and then hold the new item up and see if your skin has the same glow or whether dark circles, wrinkles and deeper pigmentation have appeared, if you do see any of these as more pronounced then the colour is probably not your friend.

Also, think about, is the colour wearing me or am I wearing the colour? Does the colour dominate me or is it just drab and boring to me? The right colours will look balanced on you and you will see yourself in the mirror rather than seeing the colour first. This is also a good way to rate a pattern too.

Try not to be influenced by whether you like the colour, it should really be whether the colour likes you and looks good on you, rather than it’s a colour you love, I love Autumn colours, but as a Summer they certainly don’t love me, and believe me when I say you will get to like the colours that like you, simply because you will look and feel better in them.

I hope that gave you a little more info on how to spot a great colour for you, in the end, though only a colour analysis by a trained professional will give you a definitive and impartial guide to what shades and tones really suit you.