My Image Services

Do you want to love the woman you see in the mirror ?

Do you want to step out and make a good impression 

both personally and professionally?

Is work attire and evening attire summed up by black, black and  black?

If you want to change things, I can show you how

My passion is to help you become a more confident and happier version of yourself, to give you the tools so that you look and feel fabulous every day. We all know that if you look good on the outside, and feel healthier on the inside then you will project that inner confidence and feel great about yourself whatever you do, and I teach you how to do this simply.

ladyinblueWhen we are all so busy trying to manage work, life, kids and a myriad other stressful daily factors it is easy to become overwhelmed and to neglect looking after the most important factor, ourselves. We are bombarded with countless messages on how we should look, what products we should be using and it is so hard to define what will actually work for us.

Well I have done the work, and can give you a system that will guide you on how to present yourself daily, so that you are a well-dressed, comfortable and most importantly appropriate version of yourself no matter who you are meeting or what you are doing.

I will also teach you a basic makeup and skincare routine that will only take you 5-10 minutes a day and will leave you with glowing, healthy, younger looking skin and a make-up look that enhances your natural assets and doesn’t feel like a plastic mask on your face.

I can advise you on how to get your energy levels up, turning back the clock so you no longer need that caffeine or sugar fix to get you through the day and I link with a team of professionals to support your life.

So if you want to always be confident about your appearance and start looking and feeling younger  then give me a call on 0424 656 097 or jump on to my booking page