Engage Me To Speak

One of the ways I often work with people is through speaking engagements.

I regularly speak to small and large groups, from networking groups to a group of friends who just want to look better, feel better and radiate their true inner self.

I also speak to corporations and work with their staff on how they can improve their personal and professional impact.

When I’m sharing my many years of knowledge as a personal style consultant, I walk the audience through how they want to be perceived. We workshop through that way of thinking and appreciate the difference personal presentation and conduct can influence those around them and their results.

Hints and tips on how even small changes in the way we present ourselves can actually make a massive impact in your personal appearance

I offer valuable time and cost saving shopping tips

One of my favourite areas to share helpful information is about health and wellness and looking after our skin

I am also qualified in bra fitting, so can describe how ladies can look their best as well as feel comfortable

Engage Me to Speak

If you would like a unique, inspiring and possibly life changing presentation for your upcoming event, or simply want to gather a group of ladies to enjoy some time to focus on yourselves