Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to come to the Studio for Colour Classes?

Yes, my Colour Classes are run out of my Studio in Kenmore, the reason for this is that Colour can only be done in a room with great light. Colours cannot be correctly analysed in low light or electric light (even using daylight bulbs) so a room with great light is essential. The Studio is purposely set out with all my tools , makeup and colour examples to hand but most importantly a class with me is a chance to step out from your day-to-day life, for you to give yourself permission to focus on you and when it is run around your natural environment that element is lost.

Image Classes can be done remotely, however again this is time for you to enjoy and time some time out for yourself, so the Studio is always my preferred location.

Bra Fitting and Skincare Consults can be done remotely, and I am happy to travel to you, provided it is within the Brisbane area.

What do I need to bring/wear for a Colour consultation?

Please arrive for your consultation without make up on, without fake tan on, without glasses (clear contacts are fine) and please avoid high neck tops and strong perfumes. If you do need to wear makeup before the class please keep it as neutral as possible and avoid strong lipsticks and eyeliner. If you do wear glasses we can work around these, but it would be preferable to wear clear contacts if possible. You can also bring your current foundation colour so we can see if it is working for your skintone.

Will you travel to Rural locations and other Cities to do pop-up studios?

Yes, I will, I am very happy to chat options to visit other locations, I would be looking for assistance to promote in those areas and source a suitable pop-up studio location.

Will I have to throw my whole wardrobe out?

No, absolutely not that is never the intention of this (unless of course you want to) We discuss how to start to incorporate your new colours into your existing wardrobe so you transition to a more colourful you., you will be buying new clothes in the course of the year, now you just buy more strategically and in the right shades. Often my ladies find they already own some of their colours, sometimes they are already predominately getting it right.

Do you do Gift Vouchers?

Yes, I do, I have physical and electronic gift vouchers so I can even do last minute presents.

Do I need to get undressed for your Image Class? Or for a Bra fitting?

No not at all, the last thing I want is for you to feel uncomfortable, when we are doing VIP Style or Image class I will ask you to change into gym wear (or underwear) for a couple minutes so I can see your body structure and look at your proportions, but my studio is a safe space and I never want you to feel uncomfortable to talk to me if necessary.

Even when I am fitting a bra, we measure over your existing bra and then we try on bras with your back to me so that I never see you naked or undressed.

Do you work weekends?

Yes I do and some public holidays, I realise many of my clients do work full-time, so I do have some availability, but it tends to book up fast so maybe think of taking a day’s leave and make it into a proper treat for yourself.

What product ranges do you work with?

I currently work with the Nu Skin beauty devices, skincare ,and makeup range, House of Colour (a UK based makeup range) Kettlewell and Intimo lingerie, however as I discover new products that I love and I can see my clients loving I do incorporate these into my offerings.

Why do the classes take so long? Do your classes always take a full day?

To give you the best service and most accurate analysis takes time, this is a service and skill that will last you the rest of your life and I am vesting in you understanding why those colours suit you , the proportions to use and how to work with them.

The Individual 1-on-1 Colour class takes about 3 hrs, but it takes approximately 1 ½ hrs extra for each additional person and if you book in for a group colour class, I do expect you to stay for the duration of the class.

How long does a Bra fitting take?

If it’s just one person it will take about 20 minutes, we will then know exactly what sizing and styles work for you and the bras will be delivered direct to you and in future you can just ring me to re-order.

I was fitted for a bra 5 years ago should I be fitted again?

Yes, definitely we should really be fitted every 12 months, but definitely anything over 2 year and if you have had weight gain, weight loss or have given birth.

Do you have maternity bras?

Yes, and non-wired bras too.

30 Minute Discovery Call

Not sure what consultation will suit you? Want to learn more about my services or chat the options over? Why not jump on a Discovery Call with me and we will work out what option is best for you, your learning style and budget.