Do You Suffer From Holiday Packing Woes?

So now you have booked your dream holiday, are visualizing yourself enjoying your break and suddenly you start to think about the clothes you will need for that dream escape and the dread starts to set in….

What will I wear?

Do I still fit into my summer wardrobe?

How am I going to fit enough clothes for a 2-week holiday into my luggage allowance?

Well a quick visit to Ann Whitaker Style will ensure your holiday wardrobe mixes and matches, is appropriate for your holiday activities, doesn’t break the bank and most importantly makes you feel and look fabulous.

How does this work? Well at Ann Whitaker Style we discover the right clothing colour shadings, shapes and styles that compliment your individual colouring and your personality too so that you always feel confident in your appearance, whether it is on a cruise, on the beach, or out for a romantic dinner or spending a day sight-seeing.

If you are wearing the wrong colour shadings for your underlying skin tone, you can look tired, drawn, sick, drab and boring, whereas exactly the same colours will make another person look alive, vibrant, fresh and healthy. Wearing the wrong shape and style of clothes can add years to you, make you look heavier and make you feel uncomfortable like you are playing dress-up every day.

We teach you the skills to know if your current wardrobe items should earn their place in your precious luggage space, whilst also showing you ways to update that wardrobe so it will provide multiple mix and match options for clothes, shoes and accessories and still be within your baggage allowance, as shown in this suitcase packing tutorial from House of Colour at:

We can also talk about effective anti-aging skincare which is guaranteed to show a visible difference in 90 days so you look great in those holiday photos. We talk makeup colours and simple, quick application tips and discuss your accessories too…..and if you want to tone up some wobbly bits, or painlessly get rid of some cellulite then we can help with that too.

Wishing you a fabulous fun-filled holiday