Colour Confidence Tips for the Festive Season

The Festive Season is in full swing and I hope you are feeling (and looking) amazing at every event you attend. Unfortunately, many people find this time of year extremely stressful, they want to look (and feel) amazing but often feel dowdy, inappropriate and uncomfortable so I thought I would share a few of my tips for looking fabulous this party season.

1. Drink more water. We all know that water is a major secret to great skin and increased energy, so make sure you are drinking lots of water to combat the increased exposure to alcohol, heat, humidity and air-conditioning.

2. Add Colour !!! Colour creates interest and helps express your personality. Notice how, as your confidence with colour increases,  your mood brightens up and, as you embrace your WOW colours you will just KNOW you look Amazing.

3. If you can’t go full out into colour add some sparkle, add gold or silver accessories and play with red, a True Red suits everyone regardless of their skin tone. It’s actually the safest colour to wear and remember everyone suits a red lipstick, it is just finding that shade that makes you pop!

4. Be comfortable. The killer high heels or “suck-it-in” undies might make you feel like you look amazing, but if you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing, it WILL affect your sparkle and demeanour. Dress comfortably, but still stylishly, and you find will be happier at the event.

5. Take your makeup off EVERY night. If you feel you have to wear these long-stay, full coverage makeups that are so popular at the moment, then please please do your skin a favour and make sure you remove it properly. If you haven’t had a trial with the Lumispa please reach out, I am still totally in love with this new facial cleansing device, it not only gets all the junk out of our skin, but it hydrates and plumps the skin and softens lines and wrinkles, I just love it.

6. Still unsure what to wear? Think about the outfits you always get compliments in, NOTE this is people saying YOU look well, healthy and fabulous, NOT people saying what a great outfit it is! Make sure they are complimenting YOU rather than the outfit. If you are still unsure then maybe it is time to get your Colours and Style evaluated.