Colour Confidence Tips for the Festive Season

The Festive Season is in full swing and I hope you are feeling (and looking) amazing at every event you attend. Unfortunately, many people find this time of year extremely stressful, they want to look (and feel) amazing but often feel dowdy, inappropriate and uncomfortable so I thought I would share a few of my […]

Instant Sunless Tan – simple, easy and affordable

Do the words instant easy-to-use sunless bronzed glow appeal? They did to me…I am a great lover of a tan, I guess it’s the pasty English in me who never saw enough sun, but I always feel I look better with a little bit of colour. Until now I have gone the sun-tanning route since […]

Do You Suffer From Holiday Packing Woes?

So now you have booked your dream holiday, are visualizing yourself enjoying your break and suddenly you start to think about the clothes you will need for that dream escape and the dread starts to set in…. What will I wear? Do I still fit into my summer wardrobe? How am I going to fit […]