Bras …. love them or hate them?

Let’s face it, ladies, bras are pretty much a necessity, here are some handy hints on how to get the best out of them.

Firstly, did you know that bras are not meant to be uncomfortable? If your bra is hurting you, it’s generally a sign that you are wearing the wrong size or type of bra for your build. Also just like clothing sizes, bra sizes fluctuate between shops, no wonder it is so difficult to find a bra that fits and feels comfortable.

There are 3 main types of bras

1) The soft cup which is better for ladies who want heaps of support for the larger cup and offer a soft bra range for a softer more natural look, tends to make the breasts look more pointy and nipples can sometimes be more obvious in these bras, but they offer better support and comfort. They are also better for people with uneven breasts.

2) The contour or t-shirt bra, these have a very thin layer of foam that smooths and round the breasts, great for hiding nipples, these now come with or without seams to give that perfectly rounded silhouette. Intimo also has some incredible smooth lace (the navy bra below) which looks pretty as well as showing no colour or lines under your clothes, you can even wear this navy bra under a white t-shirt and you won’t see it!

3) The push-up or padded bra is the 3rd type, these lift up the breasts, great for ladies who want that extra boost. Intimo has these as either foam padded or some great gel bras which squish so they look and feel so natural but add extra volume and lift.

Do you know the correct way to put your bra on?

Basically, you want to lean forward from the waist, make sure the bra band is flush to your skin, then pop the breasts into the cups, scoop them in from the side and jiggle them down until they settle. One fact (as a small-breasted lady) that blew me away, was that when we exercise our breasts will bounce between 8cm for a smaller cup to 18cm for a larger cup! No wonder women complain that exercising hurts and sometimes even wear two bras to keep things in place, it must be so painful! Intimo has 3 different sports bras from a light hold for Pilates-type workouts to very firm hold for more impact sports, so if this is something you or someone who you know battles with please reach out, with the high-impact bra going from 30A to 46F.

Finally, the most versatile bra for any bra wardrobe is the convertible or strapless bra, I have always hated these, as a small-breasted woman they would just flatten me and I gather as you go larger they often give a mono-boob effect or just plain don’t work. I’m pleased to announce I have found the Intimo strapless bra really comfortable to wear and it doesn’t flatten me either. In the past, I have deliberately steered away from strappy or strapless dresses because of the bra issue but feel much more confident about this now. They run up to sizes 30A to 40E, and I hear from my larger ladies that they really stay put without hurting.

So if you have been struggling to find a comfortable well-fitting bra (I know I had been) I have now added bra fitting to my suite of services and would be happy to fit you at my studio in Kenmore or if you want to get a few girlfriends round I can come and do a private fitting for your group whilst you catch up over a couple of wines, and you might even get a discount on your purchases or a hostess gift (dependent on the party spend)The Intimo underwear brand fits sizes 8A to 24G and their ready to wear clothes run from size 6 to 24, these are hard wearing and are really high quality. Although they don’t do a lot of colour in their clothing range, they have a great foundation lingerie range in black, white and honey and bring out new featured collections each month which are generally pretty and often colourful.

I’ve added a couple of bra fitting/coffee morning dates below and also added my latest Group Colour and Image Class dates as well, all dates can be booked through my booking link and if you want a private apt for Colour, Image or bra fitting just email or call me.