How to Brand Yourself for Business

Elevate your style to make a lasting impact and boost your personal brand

Each module is designed to empower you with practical knowledge, tools, and strategies to brand yourself effectively for success in business and beyond.

$499 AUD, NOW just $249 AUD for a limited time ONLY! Save $250!

Plus, receive a Bonus Wardrobe Detox Checklist!

You might have been told...

We can wear anything nowadays, you don’t need to “dress” for business

Taking time to actively work on your appearance is vain

Black suits everyone

You need to blend in to climb the ladder

You just have to work hard to be successful

Your clothing has nothing to do with you confidence

You should save your best clothes for special occasions

You need to tone it down to be taken seriously

But what if….

You could curate yourself a wardrobe filled with clothes that you loved to wear?

You knew how to build trust and credibility through the way you present yourself?

The old adage “if you look good you feel good” was actually true?

You knew how to easily put an outfit together no matter the occasion?

You had a capsule wardrobe perfect for your lifestyle and career path?

You learnt your voice can be heard through visual mediums too?

You knew the power and purpose of what you wear and why it’s vital to your success and impact?

You could wear your best clothes everyday, because the day doesn’t have to be special when you already are!

This is why I created this course, because every day I meet people who are not making the most of themselves, who know they are brilliant and should be more successful than they are, but are not confident in their appearance and they are being overlooked for promotions, collaborations and opportunities.

My online course How to Brand Yourself for Business is exactly what you need to take you from where you are now and elevate your presence and confidence in your career and business. So that you are ready for the next level of success and impact in your profession.

This self-study course is designed to get you real results, fast and authentically, through a multitude of key insights from an experienced Image Consultant, who knows exactly what it takes to improve your visibility and presence.


Discover strategies for projecting a positive and professional image. Elevate your style and appearance to make a lasting impact and boost your overall presentation and confidence.

Receive guidance on creating a cohesive and authentic personal brand.

Learn budgeting strategies to build a functional and stylish wardrobe. Master mixing and matching and gain tips for strategic and mindful shopping to enhance your wardrobe.

Understand the impact of colours and knowing how your body shape influences clothing choices and styling.

Develop networking skills to expand your professional connections and build meaningful relationships that can benefit your career and personal growth.

Invest in yourself and your personal brand, starting today!

Course curriculum

7 modules and 31 lessons

Module 1: First Impression Management, Projecting a Positive Self Image

Module 2: Uplevel Your Appearance, How to Add Impact & Authority

Module 3: Defining Your Personal Values & Personal Branding

Module 4: Wardrobe Management, Creating a Capsule Wardrobe & Mixing & Matching

Module 5: Shopping Effectively & Budgeting

Module 6: The Importance of Colour & Body Shape

Module 7: Networking & Building Connections

$499 AUD, NOW just $249 AUD for a limited time ONLY! Save $250!

Plus, receive a bonus Wardrobe Detox Checklist!

With this course you have the flexibility of a self-paced learning experience, granting you a lifetime access to the course.

This extended access ensures ample time for practice, and application, empowering you to achieve your business branding goals with confidence and success!

What my clients are saying

Louise Phelan

Culture and Leadership Expert

"Your program is wonderful. I have proudly completed the program. Huge congratulations!

You said to “Watch the magic happen” and I certainly did…right there on the screen!

Your presentation is accessible, authentic, honest and knowledgeable. Your messages around body image and self talk are supportive, positive and encouraging.


In my coaching I talk about change as Awareness + Audit + Action and the modules do exactly that. They prompt action which is the platform for change. I love how the modules build on each other and create a complete story and I really enjoyed the experience."

Julie Davidson

Health and Wellness Coach

"I absolutely loved this course and I truly had no idea that it was going to help me transform my mindset so much when it came to my business style and image.

I love that you can watch the videos, take in all of the information and one of the best parts is when Ann demonstrates how it all comes together, that was a game changer for me.

The worksheets are so helpful because they really get you thinking and open your mind up and each one builds on the previous one and I know what I will be able to look over these whenever I am feeling stuck or if I am looking to tweak my image.

There is so much goodness in this course and highly recommend for every woman in business to do this especially if you are ready to up-level.

Thanks so much Ann for being so authentic and truly putting your true gift and calling to work!"

Alane Grancho

Virtual Assistant

"The course has been incredibly helpful for me in building my personal image. Having worked in the corporate field for many years before becoming a virtual assistant, I realised through this course how important it is to build your professional image, especially if you want to attract more clients and build a professional network. As an introverted person, networking and making connections have always been challenging for me too, but this course has provided valuable strategies that I can apply.

It's definitely worth the investment!

Even though I live outside Australia, I have access to Ann's guidance and expertise in styling and imaging, anytime and anywhere I need to.

I highly recommend this to anyone looking to elevate their overall image. Trust Ann when she says, "invest in yourself!"

A little bit about me...

Hi I'm Ann, and I will be your guide on how to feel confident and comfortable in your appearance, no matter what the occasion. I am a wife, mum and dog lover and have lived in Brisbane since 2010 and as a 50 plus woman I understand all the daily juggles and decisions that my clients face.

I started my colour and style journey in 2001, and the experience transformed my life. After my colour analysis and image makeover, I gained more confidence in myself and what clothes to buy (after a lifetime of making those expensive mistakes and making myself look sallow and sick everyday). I now spend less time shopping and have saved a fortune.

I learned how to build a capsule wardrobe of wonderful clothes that mix and match that were suitable for different occasions. I also learned how to accessorise them to make me look fashionable rather than a fashion victim.

This experience changed my life to such an extent that five years later I decided to train to be a colour consultant and image consultant, so that I could teach this amazing gift to others, and I have been doing this ever since. I trained in the UK, started my business in Tanzania I then relocated to South African and now Australia. My “job” is to help is to help you learn your personal style so you can feel and look confident every day. I love what I do and hope I get the opportunity to share my passion with you.

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