Image Consultant, colour analysis

My Stand at the MBS Festival

Ann Whitaker Image Consultant

Last weekend I exhibited at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival, it was an amazing 3 days and I met lots and lots of lovely people, some who already knew about what an Image consultant does, but also many who hadn’t even dreamed that there was someone out there like me that could help them to manage their wardrobes and  be confident in their appearance.

It was interesting to hear just how many women hated shopping simply because they haven’t learnt what clothing styles and colours suit their colouring, body shape and personality. Unfortunately many have mistakenly resigned themselves to the fact they will never be stylish, when if they just spent a few hours with a professionally trained Image consultant they could transform their appearance virtually overnight and without breaking the bank.

I ran a couple of show specials on my classes ($197 for a Colour Class and $600 for Fast Track Style) and these are going to be extended until the 15th July, and I also ran a competition to win a colour class consultation. Since there was so much excitement about the competition (there were 316 entries) that I have decided to draw 4 runner-up prizes, who will each receive a $100 voucher to use against a full-priced Colour Class or Fast Track Style Class.

Colour Class winners,

Helping Draw the Competition Winners

My 3 year old helped me stir up the entries and draw the winners and the lucky recipients are

1st place and winner of the colour consultation:

Ana Blake

Runners Up receiving a $100 voucher each:

Lisa Herring

Sandra Flesser Wotton

Cary Davies

Claudia from Byron

Congratulations to all the winners and if you were not one of the lucky winners, don’t forget there is still time to take up on the show special prices of $197 for a colour class and $600 for a Fast Track 1-on-1 style day.