Hi I'm Ann, and I will be your guide on how to feel confident and comfortable in your appearance no matter what the occasion. I am a wife, mum and dog lover and have lived in Brisbane since 2010 and as a 50 plus woman I understand all the daily juggles and decisions that my clients face.

I started my colour and style journey with House of Colour as a client in 2001, and the experience transformed my life. After my colour analysis and image makeover, I gained more confidence in myself and what clothes to buy (after a lifetime of making those expensive mistakes and making myself look sallow and sick everyday). I now spend less time shopping and have saved a fortune.

I learned how to build a capsule wardrobe of wonderful clothes that mix and match that were suitable for different occasions. I also learned how to accessorise them to make me look fashionable rather than a fashion victim.

This experience changed my life to such an extent that five years later I decided to train to be a colour consultant and image consultant, so that I could teach this amazing gift to others, and I have been doing this ever since, starting out in Tanzania, South Africa and now here in Australia. My job is to help you learn your personal style so you can feel and look confident every day. I love what I do and hope I get the opportunity to share my passion with you.

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