12 Ways to Turn Heads at Every Event

A first impression is made within the first few seconds of seeing someone and is almost impossible to lose, have you ever had someone say to you “oh, you wore that pink/blue/red dress when we first met”? People are visual and often remember what you were wearing when they first met you, in fact over 55% of a first impression is visual so it’s important to make sure you look and feel fabulous in what you wear.

Let's help you feel fabulous, as you should

Full day VIP Bespoke Colour, Image & Style Consultation

Giving you the knowledge to immediately shop, dress and mix and match with confidence, secure your wow colours, makeup colours, best clothing styles patterns and your clothing personality.

Colour Consultation

You will walk away empowered knowing exactly what colours best suit you for clothing, hair, makeup and lipsticks.

Take home your personalised colour swatch and colour booklet describing how best to utilise each of your new colours.

Image & Style Consultation

Discover your clothing personality, how to add authenticity and uniqueness into your outfits, learn shopping secrets on how to create your personalised capsule wardrobe, manage your closet, so you can always shop effectively and dress with confidence and ease.

30 Minute Discovery Call

Not sure what consultation will suit you? Want to learn more about my services or chat the options over? Why not jump on a Discovery Call with me and we will work out what option is best for you, your learning style and budget.